The Lost Pilot - softbound

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic children’s story, THE LOST PILOT is a full color, fully illustrated children's chapter book. Part homage and part biography, THE LOST PILOT is an exploration of how books inspire and why imagination is so important. When a traveler falls overboard during a terrible storm, he washes ashore on a deserted island. Thinking he is alone, he’s astonished when a pilot wanders into his camp and asks him to draw an airplane. As the two become friends, the lost pilot reveals a mission that sent him far, far away a long time ago, and his wish to return to this distant place among the stars. THE LOST PILOT is a tribute to one of the greatest books of all time, an exploration of why inspiration matters, and a testament to how important using your imagination really is – it can change the world!

Now is a time for hope

For many of us, 2020 can’t end soon enough. It has been one of the most difficult, most trying periods of time in our lives. We have lost hundreds of thousands of people to Covid-19 and the pandemic has been brutal to our way of life. We’ve not been able to see loved ones for months. Many of us have been in lock-down, remaining in our homes unless we absolutely needed to depart. Some have lost jobs and had to close businesses.

Right-sizing staffing and resources is essential to healthcare operations

Even before Covid-19 forced healthcare organizations to pivot to responding to a global pandemic, they faced considerable obstacles as they transitioned to value-based care, integrated new technologies, and dealt with changing regulations and protocols from the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid. Then, the pandemic brought a tidal wave of problems – organizations had to setup telehealth systems, bolster and/or reconfigure ICUs, develop testing programs and sites...

An interim CIO in the midst of a global pandemic

First introduced when Brightwork Consulting was hired to provide a comprehensive assessment of the Southeast Alaska Health Consortium’s information technology capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as technology infrastructure, we later contracted with the organization to provide an interim chief information officer to guide a complete overhaul of the department and systems. Using Brightwork’s contingent workforce services, SEARHC hired one of our senior-level staff who has experience

Using Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration and your organization’s culture

Right now, organizations are experiencing the greatest change to how they operate and do business in history. Those who adapt and thrive have a clear market advantage. Those who embrace the ‘new normal’ and find innovative ways to not only continue to do business but move into new markets, acquire new clients, and maintain their culture will have used this change to make their organizations even better.

Provider engagement and training is essential to a successful EHR implementation project

As part of an immense electronic health record system implementation project Brightwork Consulting led from the beginning, our team was tasked with crafting training curriculum and materials for the entire staff. When a regional dialysis provider with 18 clinics decided it was time to switch from a legacy system with issues to a new EHR system, they needed a significant amount of engagement from staff and a comprehensive training program.

Car Activist Revolt Hangover: Living with the New 35th Avenue NE

Now that we’ve had the new, definitely not improved 35th Ave NE for about six months, it’s time to take stock in how it has worked out and determine what the group opposed to safety improvements accomplished. According to the Save 35th group’s signs, door hangers, and other handouts, their main goal was to “save our parking”. They even made a self-absorbed video about it with business owners who dot 35th explaining how loss of parking would destroy their lives—it literally said, ‘we fear for ou

The Wolf & The Bear: Making adversarial relationships collaborative partnerships

There’s a famous story about a brown bear and a grey wolf who became friends. It turns out, it’s a true story. A nature photographer in Finland spent 10 days capturing a brown bear and a grey wolf hunting together and even sharing meals. Even more surprising – other bears accepted the grey wolf too. It may seem surprising, but it shouldn’t be. We tend to think of nature in distinct ways – prey/predator, predator vs. predator, survival of the fittest, etc., but quite frequently, we’re wrong...
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